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Social Skills Summer Camp

Location : 1250 AW Grimes Rd

Join us for a three hours session once per week for either 3 or 10 weeks this summer to lear and practice social skills with similar aged peers in a small ratio (3:1) lead by experienced clinicians and coaches. Specific days and groups will be assigned based on best fit for age and social skill focus area.

Empower uses scientific methods of ABA Therapy to teach social skills within peer social groups.  

The goal is to pair children on the spectrum with other children, for fun and reinforcing activities. It makes social interaction more enjoyable and encourages friendships.

A technician will accompany the children on the spectrum to monitor the individualized treatment plan's target goals. The therapist will help the children by prompting them to interact in appropriate situations. The social groups have a fun and upbeat environment to boost the results.

Our dedication to helping our clients  

Our dedication to helping our clients have meaningful social relationships drives our social group programs. The training program may have the following activities based on the requirement of the child:

1) Eye contact and body language training

2) Reciprocal conversations

3) Negotiation and problem solving

4) Leisure play

5) Turn talking games to improve listening and conversational skills

6) Sportsmanship development

7) Flexibility and group cooperation

8) Reading body language and responding to peer emotions

9) Leadership and following peers

Peer social groups are conducted in community settings to help them develop skills in a meaningful environment. These groups are formed based on the interests and abilities of the child on the spectrum.